Steps to be Followed in Printing Your Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are units of unified electronic constituents, which are situated in devices such as pagers, beepers, remote controls, and many more. The circuits are composed of thin-layered conductive prints on top of the insulating board, which is usually called the substrate.Each electronic constituent is positioned on top of the substrate. Components are soldered to be attached with the interconnecting circuits. Circuits on PCBs may perform multiple functions depending on the type of device.

A PCB assembly involves using different circuit boards, which are interconnected with each other. It is possible to make printed circuit boards at your house. After doing the map of circuit pathways in a PCB CAD application, the map is transported to another editing program. In this program, the image may be upturned or mirrored.

Then, it will be printed on a piece of paper with a real life scale. Commonly, PCB CAD applications enable the user to highlight the circuit pathways using bright colors. By doing this, the pattern may be printed straightly on a transport medium that will be pasted on the final circuit board. The quality of the PCB assembly depends on the printed layout.To know more about printed circuit boards go through Pcbnet.

Materials to be used:

• PCB CAD application
• Press N Peel colored printed circuit board transport film
• Photo editing program
• Photosensitive PCBs


1. Design your own printed circuit tracks using the PCB CAD application. It is advisable to make one circuit track at a time. In this way, you could easily locate the route of the circuits you have made.

2. In the PCB CAD application, click the view menu and go to “Options”. Disable the grid function. If you will not print the top layer, disable the “view top copper portion”. If you will not print the bottom layer, then turn off the “view bottom copper portion”. Then, disable the silkscreen layers and corners.

3. In the same menu, go to the “colors” tab. Select “background” and choose white. Now, go to the “top layer” menu and choose black. Then, proceed to the “bottom layer” menu and again, choose black. Click the “board edges” menu and choose black for easy printing alignment and drilling guide. Click “OK” button. After that, the circuit illustration working window will illustrate the copper circuit tracks in black.

4. Enlarge the circuit board image until it fits the screen. On the keyboard, press the print screen button to have a snapshot of the circuit board.

5. Open your photo editing application. In this guide, assume that you are using the paint program. Go to the “Edit” menu and click the “paste” option. The snapshot of the circuit board will be pasted on the working window of the application. Cut the excess edges in the picture, leaving only the design for the circuit board. Now, flip the image by using the “mirror image” feature of the application. Never use the “rotate” feature since it will not generate the appropriate design for the circuit board.

6. Place a single piece of the printed circuit board transport film in the printer. Print out the circuit board design you have edited a while ago using the paint application onto the film. Now, the PCB assembly is already finished.


Here are some suggestions you must keep in mind when printing circuit boards.

1. You can download the PCB CAD application from the internet for free. One of the popular software’s you can use for free is the Cad Soft Eagle.

2. For the transfer film, you can opt to use the Jet Print multi-project photo paper and the Peel n’ Press films. They are suitable for printing circuit board designs.

This step-by-step process is done during the PCB assembly.

What Are Iron On Patches

Iron on patches are famous worldwide. In fact, they are considered to be the most popular type of embroidered labels and patches. An iron on patch can be created in various ways. To create the patch, it is imperative that a heat reactive adhesive is applied to the imprinted material. This way, iron or heat press can activate the glue.

The best thing about this particular patch, which is oftentimes called as heat-seal backing, is that it is very easy to use and apply. The adhesive, once subjected to heat from the heat press machine or iron, melts and eventually creates a bond to the fabric fibers.

The patches are more useful when it comes to semi-permanent applications too

With repeated washing, the patches can lift away from the fabric. How long the patches remain stuck on the fabric will depend on numerous factors which include the following: type of fabric, temperature of the laundry water, number of washing, drying temperature, drying methods (air dry or machine), and many other variables.

Since there are numerous factors that can affect how the patches remain stuck on the fabrics, there are some people who prefer the sew-on types if they are thinking of permanent applications. After all, the sew-on patches are permanent and more secure.
Iron On Patches
If you are interested in the iron on patches though, it is imperative that you choose the right type and the right design. That way, you can enjoy your patch as you want it. After you have chosen a patch you will iron on to your bag or clothes, you have to go through the entire ironing process.

This process will require you to set the iron to a certain temperature, position the patch on the surface, cover it with Teflon, and the press the iron with pressure on top. Once the said patches have been applied to the clothes, you can immediately throw it in the laundry for washing. In terms of the maintenance of the patch, basic care should be enough.

Speaking of the application of the iron on patches, there are different tools that one can use

The most common tool for ironing the patches on any surface is the home iron. Using the home iron is recommended for home users or small DIYers. The home iron is the inexpensive tool you can use to secure the patches into any surface.

Although you can use any home iron, the best type that you should be able to use is the one that doesn’t have an automatic shut-off function. After all, this function will cause the iron to start cooling once you start ironing. Remember that you need to maintain the heat to seal the patches onto the clothes. You won’t get enough heat if you use iron that has the auto shut-off function then.

Another tool that can be useful for ironing patches is the hot fix applier

The said tool is designed for applying several hot fix appliques. Similar to home iron, they aren’t that expensive. You can use the hot fix applier as well.

Heat sealing machines for iron on patches are available nowadays as well. This is perfect for professional crafters who are into doing lots of fabric embellishments. With the heat seal machine, you can control the temperature. That means that you can ensure that the heat is applied evenly. In addition to that, you can accurately manage the timing.

The only set back that comes with using the heat seal machine is the fact that it is really expensive. This machine is available for your purchase either locally or online. Just make sure that you go for reliable sellers when purchasing the heat seal machine. Research well who you will be transacting with so that you won’t regret spending your money on this machine.

The best thing about the iron on labels and patches is that you can use them in various purposes. If you are a home crafter, then you can just use the patches to personalize your clothes or bags. On the other hand, you can also plan to start a business with the patches. Yo u can cater locally first and think of expanding later.

The patches are definitely ones that you should take an interest in, regardless of whether or not you are an arts-and-crafts type of person. The process of applying the said patch is very easy so you won’t have to worry about this taking up your time. It is definitely worth it to have the patches.

Role of Motivational Speakers in Uplifting Workplace Spirit

One of the most challenging things about the corporate world is to watch over the human capital. This isn’t limited to the physical health and productivity rate. The most essential thing to look after would be the emotional being of the workers. This is also the most challenging thing to look after.
Workplace dilemma

The workplace dilemma lies around the concept that the emotional state of mind of a worker can’t easily be deduced. The output of his work, can be evaluated easily. His timeliness, and dedication in his work can easily be monitored. However, his outlook toward his job is something that’s beyond numbers and figures.

Issues that arise in the state of mind of workers may differ from case to case, but here are some of the most common reasons why workers should be uplifted, as told by motivational speakers.

• Unsatisfactory Job

Motivational speaker There is nothing more demotivating that a task that doesn’t make a person feel valued. If he thinks his job is not value-adding to the organization, then it’s easy not to feel encouraged at all. How do you uplift a worker’s spirits if the job doesn’t seem promising at all?

Most motivational speakers would suggest that defining task work would be the utmost answer. Making each team member feel important is a good start to alleviate bad feelings over unsatisfactory jobs. Holding group meetings and discussing organizational chart, with definition of tasks will help him appreciate his role in the group, and his significance.

• Under appreciation.

In a world full of working individuals in a team, it’s easy to feel under appreciated. This means relative to others, their job doesn’t get much positive reception. This is one of the most common reasons why workers feel demotivated.

The solution is fairly easy. Giving recognition is the best way to motivate employees. Motivational speakers usually suggest recognition awards as a way to uplift their spirits, and feel good about themselves. This doesn’t have to be a concrete material such as trophy or medal. It can be as simple as “This is great work!” or “Thank you for a very good report.” Even the humblest compliments can mean a lot to a person’s emotional well-being.

• Less compensation.

Motivational speakers What’s one of the greatest reasons why people get motivated at work? Hint: It’s not about career path or growth. It’s the monetary compensation that gets everyone going. Giving out extra compensation isn’t easy because it depends on a lot of other work aspects, too. However, the best way to control the situation is to find out who among the workers haven’t been getting enough incentives for a specific period of time. If it’s been 3 years and he hasn’t received additional increase in his salary, yet, then maybe it’s about time to finally give him the much deserved raise. However, this still works hand and hand with the performance.

• Insecurities at work.

If the employee feels as if the organization will get him kicked out anytime soon, then sometimes there’s no reason to be driven at work.  The best way to deal with work insecurities is to present the path in store for them. Take time to make them feel secure about their jobs, through rewards, recognition and compensation.

• Peer pressure.

If there’s anything that greatly affects a person’s mindset at work, it’s the effect that their peers have to say. This may come in numerous forms. For instance, if all of his friends are earning way higher than his current wage, then this is a reason to get discouraged. Another reason may be if other friends are constantly getting promoted, getting a raise, and a worker feels left behind.

These tips are just some of the most viable ways in uplifting a worker’s spirit at the workplace environment. There are many other reasons to get discouraged at work, and one of the best ways to deal with it is to constantly give a pep talk, or make motivational speakers directly address them.

How Golf Shirts Differ From Other Kinds of Sports Shirts

An ongoing friendly debate about golf shirts, tennis shirts, and other sports shirts have divided sports fans all over the globe. Fans of the golf say that their shirts are better, while fans of other sports would claim otherwise. The truth is that different shirts are made for different sports because of the various requirements that come with each sport. Some will require a pocket while others won’t. Here’s a list of some of the characteristics of a golf shirt to give you an idea on how it differs from other shirts.

1. They tend to be longer than other sports shirts –

Golf shirts tend to be longer because they are often meant to be tucked in the golfer’s trousers. If you ever watch a golf tournament, you rarely see any golfer with his shirt tucked out. Another reason why most golfers have their shirts tucked in is because they don’t want it to get in the way of their swing. A loose shirt would flap in the wind and could get tangled in the arms of the golfer or the golf club while the player is doing his thing on the green. It’s also very distracting for the players.

2. Some golf shirts are cut larger than other sports shirts –

sports shirtsA golfer needs a free range of movement in order to get that perfect swing. Some golfers prefer clothes that won’t hinder the movements of their arms and upper body so they wear loose clothing. This is the reason why some shirts made for golf are wider and slightly bigger than regular sports shirts. You will find that you can go down one or two sizes from your usual polo shirt size when you buy a golf shirt. Older golfers also often joke that the wider cut helps them hide their beer bellies.

3. A lot of golf shirt designs have pockets –

In the old days nearly all shirts used for golf have pockets on the left breast portion. These pockets are meant to hold the score card. Golfers place their scorecard in the breast pocket to easily retrieve them. These days, golfers no longer have to keep a scorecard as they usually have other assistants who can do that for them. Still, a lot of shirt designers keep the left breast pocket in their designs to keep the tradition alive.

4. Some golf shirts are treated with UV protection –

sports shirt Golf is an outdoor sport. When you play golf you spend so many hours under the glare of the sun and you get exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA) that could cause skin cancer. Golf shirt manufacturers would sometimes treat the fabric of the shirts to make them capable of blocking UVB and UVA rays. But this doesn’t mean you can go easy on your sunblock. Keep wearing sunblock whenever you are playing golf or going out under the sun for long periods of time. Use SPF 50 or higher and try not to play golf during the hours of 10AM to 4PM when the sun’s rays are at its strongest and most damaging. Apply sunblock every so often to ensure effectiveness.

5. Shirts made for golf have sweat repelling capabilities –

Most sweat intensive sports like basketball and tennis use sport shirts that have moisture-wicking capability so the sweat does not cling to the player’s body. Shirts for golf are made with the same moisture-wicking technology but have the look of a regular polo shirt that’s why many golfers prefer it. It’s stylish and functional at the same time.

6. Shirts made for golf are slightly more expensive than polo shirts –

The added features i.e. UVA/UVB protection, the lightweight material, the moisture-wicking technology comes with a price. These added features are also made to help eliminate variables like sweat and heat from ruining your game. This is the reason why a golf shirt is more expensive than a polo shirt. Some golfers swear that the shirts make a difference while others can’t tell.

For all your golfing apparel needs you can always check out They offer a wide variety of golfing apparel, and equipment that you can choose from. They have clothes and accessories that are made especially for golfers.

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Understanding Duplicate Content Filters

The issue of duplicate content has been the focus of SEO enthusiasts and experts lately. With the help of algorithm and filter changes in search engines, looking for and blocking websites with duplicate content has now become much easier.

Here, we will be talking about what duplicate content really is, and we will be discussing how you can prevent it from happening to your website, and how to fix it if you already have the problem.

duplicate contentSpam riddles search engines like the virus that it is. A spam is a deceitful attempt of a company or of a person to trick people and search engines into returning redundant, unnecessary, inappropriate, and low quality search results. This behavior is usually seen in pages with exact replicas. These replicas are created in order for SEO purposes, or in other words, to make them more visible to their audiences.

Search engines use filters that remove the replica web pages, and the spam that has caused their creation. Even though the system works in a perfect world, there have been innocent webmasters who have fallen victim to this method of elimination used by search engines. These webmasters accidentally spam search engines, and in return, search engines punish them by blocking them or filtering them out of the system. To prevent this instance of duplicate content filler, you need to know first what it is and how it works exactly.

What is Duplicate Content? What is the Penalty?

People usually think that the term “duplicate content penalty” as a severe punishment inflicted to suspects by the search engines. However, in reality, this penalty is nothing more than a deduction in the points that a website has, which is considered as a huge factor when it comes to relevance. The content pages which have duplicates themselves do not necessarily receive an actual penalty. Rather, these pages are filtered out. The bad thing about this process is that there are some good guys who also end up being filtered by the system. This is quite possibly because the website has fallen into one of these categories.

•Websites that have identical pages. The pages are, of course, considered as duplicates of one another. In addition to this, websites with exact copies of themselves elsewhere on the Internet are also considered as spam.

scraped contentWebsites with scraped content. This is essentially a case of plagiarism, wherein the content of one website is repacked and posted in another website where it will look like the work of the people of that website. Even though the look and the feel of each website is different, the basic conclusion is that the content has been copied from a source, and this is just another case of duplicate websites. With the rise of blog websites and an increased number of sharing opportunities, this has become a large problem for search engines.

•Article Distributions. If you happen to be a writer who has published an article, and this article got a lot of attention and ended up on many websites, you might think that that is good. When it comes to SEO purposes, it can bad, but in the context of duplicate checkers, it is terrible. This is somewhat difficult to wrap your head around, since some search engines tend to not filter out these kinds of websites, whereas there are others that do. This is different from scraped content because the product of this one comes from you.

•eCommerce Product Descriptions. There are many existing eCommerce stores which sell the same products in different websites. Obviously this would create a problem for search engines.

For SEO purposes, among other things, you need to find a way to ensure that your website is free from any duplicate content. You can do this by writing original content for your website, adding your personal commentary on different articles both on those you publish or do not, writing descriptions for eCommerce products, and using online page checkers can help you out.

Hiring A SEO Company For Maximum Exposure Online Could Save Your Website

Earlier this year millions of websites were hit with a hard reality. Google’s algorithm change happened overnight and completely took out pages that were ranked in the top 5 of many niches. You may have seen your site’s traffic go from the thousands to nothing at all. In fact, many professional internet marketers saw their entire business ventures go up in flames. This sort of problem is not something that is easy to bounce back from, and in some cases, recovery is deemed impossible. There are ways to get back in the good graces of the search engines, and it can come down to hiring a SEO company.
seoSome may shake their head about this, but those that have tried to go the DIY method in terms of getting attention and favor from the online marketing world, will agree that it’s best to have someone in their corner that knows how to circumvent the penalties. Without having someone assisting you with complying with the shifts of the algorithm, you’ll find that it can be a long way back to the top of any search platform, and in some instances, an impossible task.

Fixing the Problem (Backlinks)

Hiring a SEO company is just the beginning. You will need to look at your previous internet marketing strategy and dissect the pieces. For some, that means that all the links that were created for promotional consideration should be taken down. Finding these will be tough, especially if you cut corners and were part of link chains, social media endeavors, and other avenues that were meant to create interest in your business and services. If you can’t delete the links, then at least focus on fixing pages that you may have outbound links on.
Some companies are able to investigate all the links that you have out there, and can even remove them or bury them. This is a process that requires a lot of work and a specialized network. Not just anyone can remove these links, so don’t just spend money on software or any old service.

Finding New Avenues of Promotion

seo-plaFor those that want to take on the penalties head on, hiring a SEO company is a good starting point, and then working with content marketing is the next step. Whether you hire someone to write for you, or you create content yourself and publish it online, it’s important to create contextual articles that are 100% unique. The quality of each article has to be good, new, and focused on the end user. Without a pure focus on the end user, instead of spiders and robots from the search engine, you will not make gains. Not only do you need to public content on article directories, but also on blogs, and even guest spots on other websites. Gaining new followers, backlinks and more is an important part of your marketing potential, and should be done in conjunction with the work that a company is doing on your behalf.

Traffic Generation Outside of Just SEO

A high quality SEO company will not only work with optimization strategies for your pages. They will also be able to create traffic options that are outside of the queries that you will need to have in your favor. Focusing on keyword selection, and buying ad spots with PPC in mind is valuable. You could even find traffic that is targeted, and converts well for as little as 1 cent per click through. That’s the role of a good professional, so don’t assume that when hiring a marketing expert, you are only getting on page and off page optimization. You very well may be cracking the code that will drive your rankings up, after penalties start to wear off.

Some Considerations in Getting Professional SEO services

Search engine optimization has become an integral part of every website’s success. For this reason, the demand for the best SEO services has been increasing constantly. Ultimately because of this demand, many companies are now offering professional search optimization services.

And now with the vast choices of SEO companies, it is necessary to know the basic guidelines in determining whether a certain SEO firm will be able to provide quality work. For quality work and best services click URL.

Know the Job to be done

The basic service that all SEO companies offer is, of course, better placement of a website in terms of ranking. However, different SEO firms also offer extras to clients. To have an effective coverage of the required services, one must know the full extent of help he will need. If he needs content marketing, or link building, or a one-time SEO audit, he must choose an SEO company that can address this job. Doing so will be more practical and convenient as opposed to hiring another company to do additional work.

Website Analysis and Tweaking

A company that offers the best SEO services includes in its services a comprehensive review of the client’s website. From the review, the firm providing the professional SEO service should come up with an effective strategy for keyword optimization. The company should analyze the effectiveness of the keywords or tags in the website and suggest improvements if it does not bring satisfactory traffic density. A company should also come up with alternative keywords to further improve the site’s search visibility.

professional servicesIn providing professional SEO services, these firms also suggest a linking strategy. A website with a good linking structure shows up higher in search rankings because a search engine can easily navigate its pages and search for relevant content. In this regard, a good SEO company should not hesitate to rebuild the website’s linking architecture if the previous one does not bring any benefits.

Aside from those previously mentioned another hallmark of a professional SEO service is that it caters to websites of all sizes. In other words, the very best search optimization firms are more than capable of optimizing sites with thousands of pages.

Time-saving SEO Companies

Professional SEO services are employed so that a website owner’s time can be saved. A good SEO company should be able to work on their own, requiring only minimum guidance and supervision. They should also come up with a definite timeframe on when positive results will be achieved. Of course, the benefits of hiring them should be evident in just a short span of time. With the right services, it is guaranteed that one would be able to do more important things without having to worry about his website’s optimization.

Customer Care

The way an SEO company handles client concerns is a clue as to whether it is truly capable of providing good services. A reliable company always asks for the client’s contact information so they can reach him when anything important (whether good and bad) comes up. Of course, they also offer to give their contact numbers, email address, or the physical location of their headquarters. Any sign of hesitation in doing so is an indication of a bogus, incompetent, or unprofessional company.

Giving contact information isn’t enough though, as the company should give an immediate response whenever you need a question answered. A client should always get the answers to his questions in the shortest time possible.

Progress Reporting

Included in the communication between the company and the client is a report regarding the results of the optimization project? This report should indicate where the website stands based on the services requested. If applicable, they should also show quantifiable data regarding the boost in search rankings, the improvement in traffic hits, and the way visitors arrive to the web page. Also, it is also much better if the report is in print instead of merely being relayed verbally.

Value and Pricing

Before finally hiring an SEO company, it is recommended for website owners to first analyze other traditional advertising methods like print ads or classifieds. It will give much more confidence to an owner if he is sure that employing SEO services will yield better results given the amount of money he would have to spend.

Lastly, before settling for a particular SEO company, a comparison of prices should be done. Of course, it is more practical to settle for a company that offers the same kind of services for the same quality at a much cheaper price.

5 Things to Avoid When Making an Original SEO Post

A search engine has finally indexed your original SEO post after several months! But how come your SEO post is not found on the first page of the search results? Read on to find out what may be the cause of that problem.

1.Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffingKeyword stuffing means placing numbers or keywords in an SEO post. It manipulates the results of the search engine so that the SEO post can be placed on the first page of the search engine results.

A SEO post may have keyword stuffing if it has a keyword density of over 5%. Some search engines consider a SEO post for having keyword stuffing if it has a keyword density of 10-15%.

Your original SEO post can receive a high ranking in the search engine results if keyword stuffing is done correctly. Improper keyword stuffing allows a SEO post to receive low ranking in the search engine results. This is because a search engine considers keyword stuffing as spamming.

Keyword stuffing can be irritating for readers. This is because most of the SEO post’s paragraphs are filled with keywords instead of information. It also causes the website where the SEO post is located at to be non-credible to readers.

Some people use keyword stuffing by using invisible text. Invisible text means hiding the keyword by changing its color so that it can blend in with the background. It can still be seen by search engine results.

2.Optimizing anchor text

Optimizing anchorAnchor texts are clickable texts that lead the readers to certain websites. The anchor texts are typically blue and underlined. An HTML code is needed to make an anchor text. For example, a link that re-directs readers to the “BJKY” website requires this code:

<a href=””>BJKY</a>

The “<a” is the beginning of the HTML code. The “href=”> is the location of the website. The “BJKY” is the optimized anchor and the name of the website. The “</a>” is the ending of the HTML code.

Search engines will use one anchor text to index an original SEO post that has more than one anchor text. A SEO post will not be indexed by search engines if it has anchor texts that lead readers to only one website.

3.Using quantity backlinks instead of quality backlinks

backlinksBacklinks are links that re-direct readers from one website to other websites. The links of websites that have relevant content as the SEO post will improve the SEO post’s search engine rankings.

An original SEO post should be linked to websites that do not have heavy advertisements. Heavy advertisements are seen by search engines as spam. The SEO post should also be linked to websites that do not have only links to other websites.

4.Using reciprocal links more than content

Reciprocal linksReciprocal links are links that allow the author of a SEO post to know if other people are using the SEO post for other websites. The reciprocal links are usually underlined and are in color blue.

Reciprocal links may re-direct readers to websites that are not relevant to one website. This only happens when the author disregards the SEO post to the content of other websites.

For example, one website explains about acrylic paint. Another website explains about watercolor paint. These two websites re-direct readers to a website that explains about oil paint.

5.Duplicating content from other SEO posts

duplicating contentA SEO post that has a similar content as other SEO posts will rarely be featured on the search engine’s results. This is because the search engine is forced to select which SEO post is original.

Your waiting time for having your original SEO post be indexed by search engines can be shortened if you avoid doing these things.